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A Guide to Whale Watching in Bermuda
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A Guide to Whale Watching in Bermuda

Each spring, about 10,000 migrating humpback whales make their way past our pink shores on their way to cooler waters up North for the summer months. While passing by, these migrating whales make a pit stop in Bermuda, creating an opportunity for locals and visitors to see these whales both from a distance and up-close. What You Should Know Before The Whales ArriveWhile there are other species of whales in Bermuda (pilot whales and sperm whales) during the months of…


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Field Notes: Garden Hibiscus

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Hog Bay Park

From its rocky coastline and panoramic views to lush trails and an agricultural heritage as rich as its soil, Hog Bay is a parkland oasis with a little something for everyone. Turn the clock back to 1617 and imagine a…

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