Spring is at its peak in May offering many opportunities for dotting vases filled with flowers around the house. As for gardening, it is time to plan for heat resistant plants to get you through the summer months.

To Pick:

  • Oleanders
  • Our pink oleander hedges are perfect right now. The profusion of blossom, both single and double, announces summer is here. Cut oleander boughs make great indoor arrangements as well. Decide on your colour scheme – perhaps varying shades of pink or a mix of pink, white and red. Be sure to wear gloves when cutting the stems as all parts of the oleander are extremely toxic. Place stems in a tall vase half-filled with clean, cold water.
  • Surinam Cherries
  • Surinam cherries are ripe for the picking. Picked straight from the tree, these ridged red fruits eaten raw have just the right sweetness and tang. Pitted and cooked with sugar and lemon juice, they also make a delicious jam or pie filling.
  • Wild Gladiolus
  • First imported into Bermuda in 1874 from the Cape of Good Hope, it’s said nature gave the gladiolus one petal shaped like a hood to prevent the falls of the Zambesis River from ruining its pollen. A favourite garden flower, the gladiolus now also grows in the wild as an escaped plant. Its tall, elegant blooms look great in a vase on their own or mixed with Easter flowers and tall snapdragons.

To Plant:

  • Blue Daze
  • Otherwise known as “blue eyes” or formally as evolvulus pilosus, blue daze survives the heat, tolerates salt spray, requires little maintenance and attracts bees and butterflies. Plant in pots, containers or directly into the ground. It likes moist but well drained soil.
  • Portulaca Grandiflora
  • These succulent, colourful annuals, otherwise known as “moss” or “Mexican rose,” are perfect for Bermuda’s summers and flourish even in sandy, poor soil. They grow well in containers, borders and rock gardens, require little water and need no deadheading. NB They are toxic to dogs and cats.
  • Rosemary
  • More resistant to heat than other herbs, rosemary is a Bermuda favourite. Useful for seasoning meat and breads, rosemary is also visually attractive as a shrub or a hedge while adding fragrance to your garden.