The Bermuda Blue Angelfish, or Holacanthus bermudensis, is just one of many different types of colorful angelfish in the world’s oceans. It adds delightful bursts of colour to local reefs with its multi shades of blue and contrasting yellow-tipped fins.

Angelfish were so named because of their shape; their fins resemble angel wings, and when turned head-down they appear to have the silhouette of an angel. Some species also have shimmering scales that reflect light. The native Bermuda Blue Angelfish can grow up to 15 inches in length and has a round, cobalt blue body with curved dorsal and anal fins trailing beyond its tail. They are different from the Queen Angelfish, which is more boldly coloured and patterned.

You can find these beautiful fish swimming gracefully in the reefs and inshore waters around the island during the day, hiding inside the reefs at night. Their favorite meals include creatures typically found around the reefs, such as sponges, jellyfish, coral, and plankton. The juveniles, however, act as cleaner fish and feed on the ectoparasites picked from the skin of other fishes visiting communal cleaning stations. These young fish are highly territorial and defend these cleaning stations.

The Bermuda Blue Angelfish also has the interesting and strange ability to change sex when necessary.

Large females can become males if there are not many males already in the population.