With Black Seal Onion Jam & Pumpkin (Kabocha) Tempura.

Gosling’s Black Seal
Whole fish scaled, cleaned & dried -4 lbAmber Jack/oily fah
2 oz (1/ 5 stick butter)
3-4 scallion
1 garlic clove
3 plum tomatoes
¼ scotch bonnet pepper
1 lime
2 Banana leaves – 2ft long
1 bag yellow onion
1 sprig fresh thyme
1 sprig fresh rosemary
1 Bay leaf
¼ cup brown sugar (can be omitted)
1 orange (juiced+ zest)
Fresh pumpkin
1 cup flour
1 cup water
1 egg
Oil for frying (peanut oil recommended)

Salt, fresh black pepper, Fish seasoning

Roasted Fish:
Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees F. On clean dry fish score (slice lines) across body 6-8 times. Set fish aside then mix 1 tsp salt + 2 tsp fish seasoning + 2 oz (1/2stick butter) into paste. Fully coat fish in seasoned butter paste.

In blender add;1 tbsp EVOO, 4 chopped scallion, 1 garlic clove, 3 plum tomatoes, ¼ scotch bonnet pepper (can be omitted), juice of 1 lime. When blended pour generous amount of marinade on entire fish. Pour 4 tbsp Gosling’s Black Seal on fish. Rub marinade in skin and flesh of fish. Set aside and let rest for 1-24 hrs.

Secure flat baking dish, rest 1 banana leaf on top of tray, rest fish on top of leaf, rest then fold second banana leaf lightly on top of fish leaving air pockets. Roast in oven for 30 minutes until banana turns crisp & brown. When done, fish should produce juice with a brown finished skin. Meat should be fully white in belly of fish ( if pink/raw cook longer). Remove from oven and let rest.

Onion Jam:
Set a large saucepan on medium-high heat. Slice 5-6 onions removing core and stem about 1/8” thick. Pour generous amount of EVOO into pan and allow to heat. Add sliced onions to heated pan. Add 1 tsp salt (to taste). Allow onions to dance until reduced in size and translucent. When onions reduce and are soft turn heat down to low.

Let onions caramelize in pan for 15 minutes (stirring infrequently just to ensure onions do not burn). Onions will turn sweet and look brown in color. When onions are as above turn heat back up to medium-high. Add 4 tbsp of Gosling’s Black Seal and let liquid boil out. Add 4 cups brown sugar. Add juice of 1 orange + zest of ½ orange. Add sprig of thyme (recommend adding 1 sprig of rosemary to develop depth of flavor). Add 1 bay leaf. Turn heat off and let residual heat continue to render jam. Remove onion jam from stove and store with fresh herbs in jar/air tight container.

Pumpkin (Kabocha) Tempura:
Pour oil of your choice in non-stick pot (enough to fully submerge pumpkin wedges). Set oil to medium heat. Remove seeds from pumpkin and slice into ¼ inch slices leaving green skin on. In bowl mix lightly (so as not to overwork flour); 1/2 cup flour, 1 cup ice water. Add 1 egg lightly beaten, ¼ tsp salt. Consistency should be thinner than pancake batter. Drizzle tempura batter and allow broken batter to float to top. Batter should be light brown in color. Scoop tempura balls to one side of pot. Lightly dredge sliced pumpkin in loose flour. Then dip into wet batter and drop immediately into tempura crumbs, lowering gently into oil. Pumpkin should take 2-3 minutes to cook. Remove from heat and let dredge on wire cooling rack.

Remove top banana leaf from fish. Add onion jam on top of fish skin. Rest a pumpkin tempura wedges on top of fish and onion jam
Gosling’s Black Seal onion jam can be used all around the holiday table (on cassava pie, ham, fish, vegetables, casseroles and left over toasted turkey sandwiches! In air tight container, jam can last 1 month.