Bring the outdoors in this Christmas! Place cards and gift tags with pressed seasonal leaves and flowers bring nature to your holiday table, plus they’re made from recycled cardboard. So don’t throw out those cereal boxes, get crafty and give everyone on your list some homemade love this holiday season.


You’ll need:
Recycled cardboard (we used the cover of an old notebook and a couple of small boxes)
White or silver paint (For painting over whatever design is already on the cardboard)
Elmer’s Glue
Small paint brush
Variety of small freshly cut leaves and flowers

Immediately after you’ve picked some small leaves and flowers, press them inside a book and leave overnight. You may want to put flowers in between pieces of wax paper so they don’t stick to the pages and make sure the book isn’t sticking open by stacking a fruit bowl (or more books) on top.

Cut the cardboard into small rectangles that can be folded in half to make the place cards. The corners of any smaller leftover pieces can be cut off to make a gift tag shape. You’ll want to paint at least one side of the cardboard if it isn’t already a light colour or has the original box design so that your foliage will really pop. Wait for the paint to fully dry before beginning the next step.

Once your leaves and flowers have been pressed, use a paintbrush to apply Elmer’s glue to one side of the place card or tag and gently place the flattened foliage on top. Use your paintbrush to make sure all leaves and petals are stuck to the bottom layer before applying a good amount of glue over the top of the pressed plant to fully stick it to the card. The Elmer’s glue will dry clear over the leaves, keeping them in place on the cards.

Leave to dry…

Once your cards have dried, use a marker to write the names of all your dinner guests on their cards. Voilà! Handmade and recycled place cards for everyone at your Christmas table! (And some gift tags too!)