Cedar greens picked from your garden or by the wayside are terrific for holiday decorating. On their own or combined with other hearty greens commonly grown in Bermuda, cedar greens will stimulate your imagination to create the simplest or the most extravagant holiday decor. Although Bermuda cedar (Juniperus bermudiana) is the best known, there are several other species of ornamental junipers in Bermuda which have slightly different leaves and are good to use for variety – and to spare our precious Bermuda cedar. Among them, Darrell’s cedar (Juniperus silicicola) and Virginia cedar (Juniperus virginiana) are particularly close in appearance to Bermuda cedar. Floral designer Suzan Sickling gives us four festive – and simple – DYI projects for you to deck your halls this holiday season.


Make a statement centrepiece that is dramatic and glam!

You will need a standard size square piece of Oasis, quite a bit of cedar greenery, cut about four to five inches long, and flowers (roses or carnations work well and will last).

Trim greenery from cut end of cedar pieces, about an inch or two. Starting at the bottom of the dry Oasis and working around, push the pieces of cedar individually into the Oasis close together, working your way to the top of the Oasis. (There should be no Oasis showing.) Submerge the Oasis with the cedar in water until it is saturated. Let drain. Cut short stems on the flowers and cover the top, to appear as if the cedar is a “vase.” (Again, no Oasis should be showing.)

Place the arrangement on a plastic lid, slightly bigger than the Oasis, to keep the table dry. Depending on your preference, you can trim the greens in the square shape for an even, contemporary look or leave them less structured.