Cedar greens picked from the garden are terrific for holiday decorating. These festive votives, adorned in Bermuda Cedar clippings make a handsome addition to a holiday table. Light them up and watch as the Cedar leaves dance up and down the walls of your home as you tuck into Christmas dinner with the ones you love. These votives are not only simply to decorate but they’re a real crowd pleaser – your guests will be astounded that you are crafty and inspired enough to step out of the ordinary and  embrace Bermuda’s natural splendor this holiday season.

Assemble as many votives as you wish to decorate and cut small sprigs of cedar; the flat-leaf variety works best here. Choose a thin ribbon – gold, silver or a variety of colours. You will also need thin elastic bands.

Place a rubber band around the middle of a glass votive. Insert small pieces of flat cedar greenery. Tie a ribbon over the rubber band to secure the greenery and cover the band.  Trim the top and bottom of the cedar on the votive.