What better way to get into the holiday spirit than by crafting a wreath using materials that you can find in your very own backyard. Living in Bermuda, we are lucky enough to have a unique variety of flora at our disposable. Here are 7 easy steps to help guide you in making your very own Bermudaful wreath.


You’ll Need:
Wire wreath frame
Green wire
Gardening shears
The foliage of your choice (A selection of different foliage will add to the different shades and textures of your wreath)
Moss (Spanish moss will act as the foundation or any other soft moss/plant)
Decorations (We went for a natural approach of berries, dried orange slices and cinnamon sticks but you could also use store-bought potpourri, ornaments and bells)


Step 1
Head to a craft or utility store to purchase a wire wreath ring, along with a reel of green wire that will blend into the foliage. These two materials are the only items you need to purchase from the store and can be reused each holiday season.


Step 2
Embark on a plant-finding adventure by yourself or with a friend. Take clippings from your own garden or from your neighbourhood. However, if plants are sourced outside of your homes, be mindful of taking clippings and ask your neighbours first. Avoid dainty flowers or foliage that may perish fast. See below for some inspiration.




Step 3
Once you have collected all of your materials, start by bundling up pieces of moss and attaching it section by section to the wreath frame, securing it with wire. Continue doing this until the moss is evenly distributed and the whole frame is covered. This will create a cushioned bed for your foliage to overlay.


Step 4
Layout branches of your desired foliage around the ring until you are happy with the design. It is best to place them with their leaves positioned downwards with the natural flow of gravity. Otherwise, when sticking upright, the leaves may fall more noticeably over time. Secure your bundles of foliage with wire or by poking them through the base layer of moss.


Step 5
Continue adding a variety of greenery until the wreath is evenly covered – the more the better. You can even place leaves behind the ring to create more depth and don’t be afraid to add colour! If you are lucky enough to have Croton growing in your garden, it makes for a perfect Christmas colour addition.



Step 6
Attach your decorations at random or at patterned intervals around the wreath. If you are displaying your wreath inside of your home, you may wish to opt for cinnamon sticks, dried orange slices or store-bought potpourri for a delightful Christmas scent. Lastly, create a bow with ribbon or natural materials such as dried banana leaves.



Step 7
Secure a loop with wire at the top of your ring so that you can hang your wreath proudly to be displayed. Alternatively, you could use ribbon for a more regal finish. Finally, don’t forget to tag us in your beautiful creations on Instagram, @bermudianmagazine. We can’t wait to see them!