Classic Bermuda Foliage


Head out to the garden and collect some leaves, sprigs of cedar or anything else that looks natural and healthy! The greenery looks great with recycled paper bag wrapping paper and some tangled kite string as ribbon completes the natural DIY look! Cedar sprigs or Bay Grape leaves work best as they will retain their shape and colour for a number of days and won’t wilt or break as easily.


Contemporary Colours


For leaves that are more prone to wilting, you might want to use this method to help them stay longer. Paint your leaves in a funky colour and apply them directly to recycled wrapping paper with glue for a natural contemporary look. Ferns can also be cut at the bottom to make mini Christmas trees! Use coloured string (or a marker to make regular recycled kite string colourful) to complete the look!


Accessorize It!

Use simple white wrapping paper with string or twine and tie a little accessory to the bow. From name initials and sand dollars to Christmas crackers and small ornaments, you can personalize each gift without breaking the bank!



Bermuda Sand Gift Tags

Disclaimer: Removing sand from any of Bermuda’s beaches without a permit is illegal. Collect sand lawfully either by obtaining a permit or purchasing bottled Bermuda sand from local souvenir shops.


Swap out the glitter for some Bermuda sand and you’re set! Use a paintbrush to apply glue evenly and gently pour sand over glued area. Leave to dry for a couple hours and voilà: Bermuda sand gift tags!