What better way to buy Bermuda than with these “Presents from the Pantry”? Here we’ve paired our favourite locally made food products, offering you some fantastic flavour combinations and some gift ideas great for any holiday occasion. Add a touch of merry wrapping, and any one of these artisanal pairings is sure to make the perfect present: a delicious taste of Bermuda, with none of the holiday fuss!


BermyFresh Farm Box Subscription

All wrapped up in Christmas greenery, the BermyFresh Farm Box makes a wonderful and long lasting holiday gift. And whether the lucky recipient is a health conscious friend or someone who loves to cook, the farm box is sure to impress! Each box contains microgreens, shoots and sprouts, herbs and microherbs, shiitake mushrooms and BermyFresh’s “Baby Mixed Lettuce Greens.” The subscription includes a weekly farm box for ten weeks.


BermyFresh Farm Box, $36 a week, starting January 2017 • BermyFresh Farm Market, Southampton or online at www.bermyfresh.com • Scott Tucker: farmbox@bermyfresh.com, 704-3401 or 236-3400

Positive Energy Lucinda’s Cookies & Bermuda Fudge Co.

This perfect pairing of freshly baked cookies and artisanal fudge is sure to win over anyone with a sweet tooth! Both products are available in a wide variety of flavours, allowing you to choose just the right taste combination for this great holiday gift. Fit them both in a beautiful Christmas box for a treat that’s not only decadent, but also a snap to put together!


Positive Energy Lucinda’s assorted cookies, starting at $6 for 8 cookies and $35 for 60+ cookies • Available at the Farmer’s Market at the Botanical Gardens, Hunts Food and Supply in Warwick or by delivery • lucindaenergy@gmail.com or 238-5117 • Bermuda Fudge Co. ‘Delicious & Decadent’ Fudge, starting at $7 • Available at the Clocktower Mall, Dockyard or online. www.bermudafudgeco.com, 293-8343 or bermudafudgeco@gmail.com

Oatbelievable Premium Granola & Cassie’s Freshly Made Bermuda Yogurt

Delicious, crunchy granola and fresh, artisanal yogurt offer a wonderful combination of flavour and texture in this favourite food pairing. Wrap these healthful treats together with some lovely red ribbon and a silver star or two to create the perfect holiday touch. And for an extra treat, try adding just a spoonful of Bermuda honey to the mix. The lucky recipient is sure to be delighted!

Oatbelievable Premium Granola Made in Bermuda, $8.50 • Lindo’s in Warwick and Devonshire, Bermuda Fudge Co. in Dockyard and Sense Spa at Rosewood Tucker’s Point • oats@logic.bm or 335-1975 • Cassie’s Freshly Made Bermuda Yogurt: Plain, $7 for 8oz. Other quantities are available upon request • Bermy Fresh Farm Market, or by direct order • Cassandra Ortega: 531-3004 or cassandralortega@gmail.com

Tucker’s Farm Goats Cheese & Bermuda Jam Factory Pepper Jam

A true match made in heaven for the many holiday cocktail hours and festivities to come is this divine pairing of goats cheese and pepper jam. And whether you choose to give them as a thoughtful hostess gift or enjoy them yourself, these two beautifully crafted local products are sure to be a hit. Add a few slices of fresh fruit and some Christmas garnish to create the perfect holiday plate.

Tucker’s Farm Goats Cheese, starting at $8 • Lindo’s in Warwick and Devonshire, Miles, Supermart, Harrington Hundreds, Windybank Farm, BermyFresh Farm Market and Wadson’s Farm Market • crowisland@northrock.bm, or 337-7548 • Bermuda Jam Factory Gombey Pepper Jams, starting at $10 • gift and grocery stores islandwide • sales@bermudajamfactory.com or 535-5267

Alex & Pete’s Bermuda Artisan Ice Cream

Available in a variety of sensational local flavours, Alex and Pete’s ice cream is a delicious way to give a friend or loved one a taste of Bermuda. And whether you choose one of the pint-sized containers or a convenient gift card, this artisanal sweet treat makes for an easy gift that is sure to delight. Add a silver or gold bow to a gift card or ice cream cone for the perfect seasonal touch.

Alex & Pete’s Bermuda Artisan Ice Cream in a variety of flavours, starting at $7.25 • Gift cards are available in a range of prices • Ice cream shop in Dockyard, Lindo’s in Warwick and Devonshire, Harrington Hundreds and Supermart on Front Street • food4thought@logic.bm or 337-6101

New Catering Concepts Beef Jerky, Thick-Cut Bacon & Gosling’s Dark ‘n Stormy Cocktail

Available in sweet, savoury and smoky flavours, Bermuda Smokehouse beef jerky and thick-cut bacon are locally smoked to perfection and are a wonderful complement to a Gosling’s Dark ‘n Stormy cocktail. Made with Gosling’s Black Seal Rum and Gosling’s Stormy Ginger Beer, the famous Bermuda drink pairs perfectly with the spicy and sweet flavours of Bermuda Smokehouse meats. Enjoy these two artisanal products yourself as an indulgent holiday treat, or package them in a brightly painted bottle holder decorated with red and green trimmings for a great seasonal gift idea.

Bermuda Smokehouse Locally Smoked Beef Jerky, starting at $3, and Bermuda Smokehouse Locally Smoked Thick-cut Bacon, starting at $10 • select locations islandwide • info@newcateringbda.com; Bobby DeSouza: 704-9993; Brendon Huttick: 335-4244 • Gosling’s Dark ‘n Stormy Cocktail, $11.25 for a pack of four • Gosling’s outlets and grocery stores islandwide • enquiries@goslings.com, www.goslingsrum.com or 295-1123

Bouquet Garni Infused Oils & Sweet SAAK Bread

The perfect introduction to any holiday meal, this sensational pairing of freshly baked bread and herb-infused oils is sure to be a crowd pleaser! Make the wrapping even easier by gifting the oils in a bottle holder decorated with a little Christmas colour and cheer. Friends and family are sure to appreciate a present that’s both delicious and uniquely wrapped!

Bouquet Garni Gourmet Foods Dipping Oils: Wild Fennel or Lemon Rosemary, $9.50 • Windybank Farm Market, BermyFresh Farm Market and Pulp & Circumstance • bouquetgarni@northrock.bm or 335-7079 • Sweet SAAK Bakery Mini Onion Bread, $6 • order via e-mail or by phone • info@sweetsaak.com or 297-0663