Looking for a little inspiration to beat the summer heat? Even if one can only dream, these real pools belonging to locals are a treat to the eyes on a hot summers day!



Island Oasis

Photograph by Ian Gordon

Pool Type: Landscape pool

Square Feet/Length: -300sq ft

Depth: Maximum depth 3’6″

Pool Interior Finish: Masonry construction with a ‘Diamond Brite’ finish and tumbled marble scum line

Pool Deck Finish: Combination of flagstones, Bermuda stone boulders from a quarry, grass and planting


For this unique landscape pool, the client wanted a functional pool that was more for cooling down than swimming due to tight space constraints. With the rock cut already in the yard, the design solution was a free-form pool with built-in seating and a waterfall that provides an audibly cooling stream that runs through a second splash pool. Architect Ian Gordon made sure that all the senses were catered for in a very natural and organic setting in designing this beautiful backyard oasis!


Bermy Billabong


Pool Type: Plunge pool/Australian Billabong

Square Feet/Length: 16′ x 16′

Depth: Shallow, only for lounging!

Pool Interior Finish: French Gray tiles to reflect the natural colours of the garden setting

Pool Deck Finish: Ipe Decking

Contractor: Travis Lewis, F. Lewis Construction


Looking for a more natural style, the Australian owners of this plunge pool requested a billabong, a natural swimming hole in Australia. The architects at Westport Architecture designed this pool based on that description and the more organic setting of the garden, using Ipe Decking for a less refined feel than tile or concrete.



Great Sound Getaway


Pool Type: Infinity pool

Square Feet/Length: 30′ x 30′

Depth: A series of different levels for lounging and a deep end for jumping!

Pool Interior Finish: French Gray tile to reflect the colours of the Great Sound

Pool Deck Finish: Ipe Decking

Contractor: Steve Furtado, Longtail Construction


For this Great Sound infinity pool, the owners wanted an outdoor space that both the adults and children (and the family dog!) could utilise. The team at Westport Architecture designed this versatile and classic pool that takes advantage of the views and usable areas around the pool, implementing contemporary yet traditional furniture with blue cushions to bring the space together. The pool also has multiple depths for both lounging and playing!



Harbourside Infinity

Pool Type: Infinity pool

Square feet: 16′ x 48′

Depth: Very shallow “beach” area with varying ledges for children and adults plus a deep end for jumping and swimming.

Pool Interior Finish: French gray to reflect the colours of Hamilton Harbour

Pool Deck Finish: Coral stone and grass

Contractor: Andrew Borland, Atlantic Construction

With young children, the owners of this infinity pool overlooking Hamilton Harbour wanted a space where they could cool down as a family. With a series of depths including a shallow “beach” area, long steps for sitting, and a deep end for jumping, Westport Architecture created the perfect space for parents and children alike to enjoy with this gorgeous pool.