Today I’m busy pulling out all of the Christmas décor and having a wonderful time placing about my house. I have always been a Christmas enthusiast and an avid collector of all things seasonal so my bits and pieces are all my treasures. It’s so wonderful to unpack each and every one of them. That said; I do know that in about a month’s time I will be keen to reclaim my house and pack all my dear friends away for a fresh start of another new year. 

Looking in my crystal ball for 2016 (and reading a few blogs and magazines) I see a trend towards a more simplified glamour. A new and very modern twist which combines the past few years of maximalism with a heavy sprinkling of minimalism.  

Benjamin Moore has already professed that next year’s color will be Simply White which is such a huge shift from the Pantone color from 2015 which was a deep rosy plum called Marsala or more so from 2014’s cheerful Radiant Orchid.  This year Benjamin Moore is predicting a trend towards more subtle beauty and the interplay of natural light on objects and negative space.

Negative space, what’s that like!?!?! I’m a bit of a collector (which is a bit of an understatement) so I have to always be very mindful of editing and I think 2016 is all about that; a big edit.  The glamorous lines still continue with dramatic furnishings: chairs with wonderful backs, tables with dramatic legs and glamorous pendant lighting. But now it’s all about seeing each and every piece and their wonderful silhouette.   

With accessorizing there is still a huge trend to embrace the old but mixing it in with something fabulous and modern. So when setting the table, think about mixing Great Grandmothers wonderful and very elaborate china with some crisp and modern pieces. The disparity is huge and exciting which will make your dinner table look all the more enticing.

As they say ‘less is more’ and 2016 is definitely the year for that motto. By having less stuff if the room, it actually places higher value on what remains on display; so be selective and thoughtful in the process of deciding what stays and goes. Do keep in mind that décor and accent pieces can change as often as you wish, so just because you are editing them does not mean they are gone for good, but just packed away for now. I always think about editing and swapping décor when each new season ushers in.

So have fun with your Christmas décor and set it up to the max because I think, come the New Year, you’re going to be craving a whole lot less. 


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