What better way to showcase your summertime fun than in a frame with a fun DIY twist – using sea glass and sea shells? This simple project is exceptionally easy to pull off but takes a few days to complete because it requires ample drying time. Please note, you cannot take from Bermuda’s beaches. Purchase sea glass (click here) and shells (click here) online to decorate your frame.


What you will need:

A wooden frame of any size


Elmer’s Glue


5-minute expoxy glue

Sea Glass



1. Using sandpaper, scuff up the surface of the wooden frame, enough so that the Elmer’s Glue and sand will have a surface to stick to.


2. Cover the surface of the wooden frame with a thick coat of Elmer’s Glue and then cover in sand. Leave to dry for 24 hours.


3. Give the frame a few gentle taps to expel any excess sand that hasn’t stuck. If you feel like the frame needs another coat of sand to fill in empty spots then go ahead and apply a second coat of glue and sand. Leave for another 24 hours to dry.




4. While the sand is adhearing to the frame, prepare the sea glass by rinsing it in fresh water and allowing it to air dry on paper towel. You can use sea glass, as well as shells or rocks – whatever you like!



5. When the frame has completely dried, you may begin sticking the sea glass onto it’s sandy surface. Mix your expoxy glue according to it’s instructions and start gluing each piece to the frame, arranging them as you prefer. It’s best to layer with bigger pieces on the bottom and smaller, more delicate pieces on top.


6. Leave the glue to dry for a few hours so that it has time to harden completely before you insert a photograph and appreciate the finished product.