My fingers are crossed that the weather is shifting into the cooler temps and into the Bermudian version of Fall. I must say I really enjoyed the winds and rain recently which really got me in the Fall mood. I’ve pulled out the throw blankets, fire tools and autumn accessories but what I’m really thinking about is the new fall colours.
The trends for colours this year are wonderful and work beautifully with us here in Bermuda. They are warm without being oppressive and compliment our interiors and our landscape. The fall colours for this year are warm grays, army greens and dusty aubergine.   What a beautiful, soft and inviting palette.
When selecting colours for an interior, it is my strong belief that the best ones are those that reflect the colours found naturally outside your window and lucky us; all of these colours are all around. As the air temperature cools down again, we find ourselves turning off our A/C and opening our doors and windows to welcome the breezy fall weather; therefore it only follows that we should take a hint on the Fall hues from mother nature and welcome such colours into our homes.
The warm grays remind me of our beautiful limestone walls or a restful moment under a shady tree. 
The greens are fabulous and wide-ranging.  I think it goes without saying but Bermuda sure does offer us a lot of greens. I particularly love the mossy greens that are soft and restful to the eye. There is a wide range of greens to choose from and you really can’t go wrong, so you can select one that appeals to your personality or suits your décor best.   
And the aubergine – such a fabulous range of dusty pinks and purples which remind me very much of our rich soil and the dark leaves of our match-me-if-you-can hedges, tea plants and ornamental grasses. Just glorious!
Now don’t think I’m suggesting you limit your palette with those three shades – Bermuda is a very colourful island so let your personality lead you to your own colour palette. Enjoy and have fun with colour whatever season or tone inspires you! Let the outside come into your home this Fall!


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