Every summer, Bermudians must consider the inevitable: the arrival of hurricane season. As many islanders have often experienced, the worst storms tend to hit between the months of August and – more-recently – October, so now is the time to think about making the larger-scale preparations necessary for your home.

One important aspect of protecting your home from the strong winds, torrential rains and flying debris that hurricanes bring is covering windows and doors. Weaker points such as those are often the first areas of a house to be damaged and require substantial protection to prevent destruction.



Fortunately, outdoor living shop Gotcha Covered has the solution: StormSmart StormCatchers. Also known as abatement screens, these fabric storm panels have proven very effective against the wrath of many a tropical storm and hurricane.

StormCatchers are made of a strong, lightweight layer of woven fabric that is coated with geo-synthetic PVC material. Although it may seem hard to believe that fabric can provide sufficient protection against windblown rain and storm debris traveling at over 100 mph, StormCatchers are in fact touted as a very effective alternative to traditional options, like plywood or shutters. Not only can StormCatchers withstand the force of a hurricane, they can also meet or exceed state building code standards set by ASTM International for Hurricane Protection.



In addition to their superior strength and durability, these fabric storm panels from Gotcha Covered have many other advantages over traditional materials such as plywood and metal. For example, StormCatchers are lightweight and easy to handle, can be installed and removed quickly and easily by one person and they can be folded or rolled up for easy storage when not in use. As well, this durable fabric also boasts a translucency that allows light to enter the home – a necessity at a time when there is undoubtedly no electricity – therefore avoiding the “cave-effect” that is often created by completely opaque standard coverings.

StormCatchers are available at Gotcha Covered in a variety of systems, including grommet, rolling screen, slide screen and strap and buckle types, so that you can find the exact type to suit your needs.



The easiest to install and take down for any DIYer, grommet-style StormCatchers are fastened to your windows and doors with grommets, and the panels are easy to roll up for storage. By contrast, the rolling screen type is permanently installed above your window or door and can be lowered at a moment’s notice either manually or by an electric motor.

Slide screen StormCatchers consist of panels that slide into brackets that are mounted to your home on either side of the space to be covered. Finally, the strap and buckle type features straps and buckles that are sewn into the covering and then fit around eyehooks or are strapped to columns, depending on the circumstances. This type allows you to have the option of easy exit from your home in case of an emergency.



With hurricane season now upon us, and in a world of climate change and heightened storms, protecting your home is important. Fabric storm panels offer a strong defense against the harsh effects of a hurricane, including flying debris, torrential rain and powerful winds. StormCatchers are lightweight, easy to install and translucent and are the ultimate solution for hurricane protection, available at Gotcha Covered.


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