Perfect for a polished little princess-in-training, Pippa’s nursery, also by interior designer mum, Emily Hopkin, is proof that kids’ rooms don’t have to be so, well, childish. “I don’t think everything has to be babyish in a child’s room,” said Hopkin. “You can have sophisticated artwork too. It makes it more interesting and the room ‘style’ last longer.”

A Gustav Klimt print of a mother and child is featured on the wall, along with a colourful strand of balls – a find from a business trip in New York City – strung above the Pottery Barn crib. “I came across some twinkle lights with round colourful balls. I removed the lights and strung the balls on string and this acts as a feature on the main wall. The coloured balls pull in colours from the rug and other accessories,” said Hopkin.

The vibrant animal-themed rug from Anthropologie was borrowed from her brother Charlie’s room to liven up the wall-to-wall carpet from Furniture Flair. “We reused the colourful animal print rug from Charlie‚Äôs room and put it in the centre of Pippa’s to fill the void,” said Hopkin. “The crib doesn’t take up much space so there was all this beige carpet that needed something. I like to use these woven rugs as layers – they work well on top of carpet as an accent.”

A pale mint green rocking chair from Four Seasons Furniture adds further sophistication, while a custom niche with recessed shelving is a grown-up way to display family photos, artwork and other trinkets. With a mum like Hopkin, we expect Pippa will always have a room many grown-up princesses will want to share.


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