Ocean-inspired and beautifully Bermudian is the theme of the Marquardt family home in Paget. Alan and Ruth and their two college-aged daughters, Brittany and Chelsea, not only enjoy the relaxed and serene atmosphere their home exudes, they love that it pays tribute to a wealth of family memories they’ve shared together. Alan is a well-known professional underwater photographer who has taken his family all over the world photographing and exploring ocean species and shipwrecks. It is with that same family togetherness that their home is enjoyed.



The Marquart family home was built by Alan himself and completed six years ago. Every aspect of their home was carefully considered as Alan and Ruth wanted to make sure it was a place that was warm, inviting and somewhere they could enjoy together for years to come. Their Bermuda home is a treasure-trove of interesting design concepts and unique features complete with a fish pond and a fairy garden.







Each room in the Marquardt home is meticulously decorated in an array of blues, sandy beiges and ocean-inspired artifacts. Seashells adorn throw-pillows, turtles playfully decorate the dining room rug and Alan’s underwater photographs printed on canvas are hung on the walls. If ever there was a home that was designed and decorated around a family’s collective personality, this is it.








Easily, the most impressive feature in the home is the stained-glass underwater scene framing the Bermuda Cedar doors that lead from the living room to the expansive outdoor porch. Various fish, seahorses and even a turtle or two come to life with each ray of sunshine.



A great place to entertain, the family porch overlooks their beautiful garden, a favourite place for the family’s English Cocker Spaniel, Milly. On the rare occasion the family spend a weekend away from the water, they enjoy introducing new plantings and over time watching them mature and grow in their garden, including various roses Alan grew from cuttings from his mother’s garden.





Another unique feature in the home is the display cases that line the main hallway. Framed in Bermuda Cedar and perfectly lit to showcase the impressive collection of shells and other treasures the Marquardts have found during their scuba-diving adventures.






Thank you Alan, Ruth, Brittany, Chelse
a and Milly, too! We enjoyed our look inside your Bermuda home and garden and wish you well in your future family adventures together!