Her passionate and deep connection with nature makes this wonderfully secluded outdoor shower nestled in a grove of mature bay grape trees the favourite “room” of landscape architect Jennifer Davidson. With access to a south shore beach and their own pool, the clients requested an intimate shower space to accommodate both.

“The brief was for a ‘natural’ area where they could enjoy views of the south shore,” she said. “They did not wish it to be visible from the house or entrance and wanted the shower space to have a feeling of seclusion or quietness for relaxing and being at one with nature, including a place for a chair for relaxing.”

With sweeping ocean views, the newly built house was designed to nestle into the landscape. In an effort to protect the property from the exposed coastal location, an extensive landscaping plan was created to allow windbreaks and provide privacy. Davidson then worked within the landscape to integrate the shower area with a minimalistic design while meeting all the necessary requirements for water, drainage and lights.

Chosen for their durability, low maintenance and ability to weather naturally to blend in with the surroundings, the designer chose Spanish cedar for the flooring and copper and brass for the shower and light fixtures. “Spanish cedar weathers well in an exposed location and silvers with age, blending into the landscape,” she said. “And Spanish cedar’s smooth surface feels wonderful on bare feet.”

She also added that the copper and brass fixtures will naturally verdigris over time, reinforcing the sense of a very natural environment.

“I love the fact that the shower’s hidden within the landscape—when you come across it, it’s a complete surprise,” said Davidson. “It’s my favourite space because there’s a real feeling of connectedness to nature and light. [It] appeals to my love of being outdoors and Bermuda’s natural beauty combined with a sense of fun and pleasure.”

“Outdoor showers are very popular now in the hospitality industry and in homes,” she concluded. “There is a growing awareness of the positive impact nature and trees have on people’s health.”