“We love this room for as many reasons as the ways the space can be enjoyed,” said interior designers Patti Crouch and Jill Henneberger of By Design Ltd. “The family can enjoy magnificent views, watch movies, socialise over a game of pool, entertain at the bar, host wine tastings… and all while throwing a pool party! What’s not to love?”

Part of a larger home renovation which included the addition of an upper floor master suite, kitchen and laundry room, this new games room was designed as the owners’ space to entertain, relax and have fun. This lower level also boasts a wine cave and a powder room and extends out to a new pool deck, jetted pool and barbeque area. “[It’s] a place to escape from their very busy professional lives,” said Henneberger.

For the décor, the designers were charged with incorporating the clients’ collectable art and memorabilia while creating a space casual enough for an open flow onto the pool deck yet sophisticated enough for a full range of entertaining needs. “The room has a ‘club-like’ feel while still being bright and airy,” said Henneberger. Using the owners’ relationship with the Scottish Highlands as inspiration, the team used tartan accents throughout and modernised them with complimentary updated solids and prints.

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with clients with so many interests and who enjoy so many activities,” said Henneberger. “They were very excited by the ideas and the creation of a room that truly reflected their lifestyle.”

And how happy are they now with their new room? “The best way to answer this is with a direct quote from our client: ‘Thank you for making dreams come true!’” concluded the designer.