OBMI interior designer Melissa Woods’s favourite room is an impressive one indeed: with 15-foot-tall ceilings and a 24-foot by 55-foot layout, the “great room” at Longtail House is a showstopper. Along with its aesthetic appeal, the functionality is what makes it truly Woods’s favourite.

“I love the fact that this space encompasses multiple purposes,” said Woods. “It is a kitchen, dining area and sitting area all in one. It encourages the family to come together in space while still having plenty of room for people to manoeuvre. Similarly, it is also a great multifunction space for entertaining.

“In addition to its practicality, this space is also visually very interesting. With the large views out to the pool, landscape and terrace, the two flanking fireplaces, three beautiful beams and some great furniture pieces, what’s not to love?”

While the overall colour palette features mainly neutral greys and beiges, the designer added a periwinkle island and navy blue coffee bar to change things up a bit. “The kitchen is my favourite space,” she said. “Not only does the colour of the cabinets add great life to this space, each component of the kitchen is designed to look like a piece of furniture. So, the door and drawer fronts are all slightly different from each other adding just a little bit more visual interest to the space that might not be detected on the first glance!”

Chosen for its durability and natural feel, the flooring is Salem Grey Limestone supplied by Bermuda Brickyard and installed by Aptech Granite & Marble in a French pattern. With a blend of rustic, antique and Scandinavian furniture pieces—including Carl Hansen wishbone chairs, Craig Bassam’s tractor stools and Ralph Lauren’s Sonora Canyon sling accent chairs—the room is an “elegantly casual and eclectic space,” according to Woods.

“For me designing spaces is about understanding the root desire of the client and encompassing that in a space that will remain elegant and timeless for years to come,” she concluded. “Trends come and go so fast these days it is nice to have strong foundations that can be modified and enhanced easily through furniture and accessory pieces.”