Not all favourite rooms have four walls. In the case of Rosedon Hotel’s new Front Lawns, this “outdoor living room” has proven to be just that for Vanessa Daniel, the architectural and project manager. “The Rosedon Front Lawns is a multi-use, flexi-space that feels enchanting by day and magical at night,” she said. “Set in a newly created tropical garden it offers moments of solace and relaxation, yet it can be programmed for vibrancy and activity.”

Formerly an unused, half-acre hillside in front of the entrance, the team—including creative director Lee Petty and Scott Kitson—sought to reshape the landscape into a multi-use space for events, overflow seating for Huckleberry restaurant and a peaceful escape for guests. The tiered space now features a “tropical garden complete with hardscape seating area, two flat event lawns which we affectionately refer to as the upper and lower Wedding Lawns, and several private dining experiences,” explained Daniel.

With a focus on the garden experience, they planted over 200 new trees, shrubs and flowers including eight different palm species, endemic plants and Bermuda roses. “Ms. Petty’s extensive knowledge of floral species played an integral role in plant selections and placements,” said Daniel. “If you are astute, you may be able to detect another level of the design which incorporates aromatic design. In certain spaces, scents such as jasmine, lemon and other florals are detectable and were planted in strategic places. The scents have a calming effect.”

They also incorporated a subtle but well-considered small powder room “hut” featuring a new piece of commissioned art by Stratton Hatfield. “He made a concrete banana leaf light fixture which he hand-selected from a secret banana patch location,” said Daniel.

When asked why this was her favourite room, Daniel explained that it encapsulates the essence of the literal meaning of a living room; it is living. “Every time I visit the space (which is almost daily), it feels a little bit different than the day before because it is alive, the flowers at different stages of blossom; the butterflies and birds activate the space, and then, at night, it has a completely different charm under the stars and in the glow of the evening lights.”