The kitchen is often central station in the family home and that means lots of traffic.

Although remodelling can be expensive, there are many ways to breathe new life into your kitchen that are quick and budget friendly. Here are 12 fast and fun ideas to give your kitchen a facelift.


1. Give your kitchen an easy and inexpensive facelift. Painting your cabinets or kitchen walls a different colour can make you feel you have a whole new kitchen.

2. Fill a big bowl with lemons (lots of them) or Granny Smith apples or even pears (there are some good fake ones out there) to make a pretty countertop accent.

3. Replace countertop appliances. That old toaster or microwave could be getting to be an eyesore. Consider buying shiny stainless-steel or colourful small appliances, for example, a red mixer.

4. Treat yourself to a fresh set of dishtowels. Put the old ones in the rag bin.

5. Hide the counter clutter of keys, cell phones, iPods and sunglasses. These can be put in a fun container like a Moroccan tagine or better yet, in a drawer.

6. Remove everything from the tops of cabinets. Those wicker baskets or platters are filthy and dated by now. Thoroughly clean the area. Do not replace the items!

7. Get rid of old and mismatched cups and mugs or chipped plates—they’re getting you down.

8. Dress the windowsill with two or three pots of herbs. Think basil, parsley and dill. Kitchen herbs are both pretty and practical.

9. Replace the cabinet knobs and drawer pulls: a DIY project with amazing results.

10. Buy inexpensive under-cabinet lighting. If you can’t afford new lighting, consider lighting you can attach under the cabinets to plug into wall outlets instead of the electrical wiring in your kitchen.

11. Paint the refrigerator: You may not be able to afford that new stainless-steel fridge you’ve been admiring, so until you can, transform your old one by painting it with a high-gloss spray paint.

12. Have a good look at the sink. Does it need a new faucet? If you have the budget, perhaps replace the whole sink. Either way, a beautiful new faucet will freshen up the most used area in the kitchen.