These easy-to-grow, vibrant blooms make a wonderful addition to any mixed salad and may also be used as a colourful garnish on a variety of meals. Their slightly sweet and mildly spicy flavour is the perfect complement to many cooked dishes as well.

What to Look for:
Small, yellow-orange flowers with small, round green leaves that have lighter-coloured veins.

Where do they Grow?
Nasturtiums can be found both in gardens and growing wild across Bermuda. They grow low to the ground and are particularly easy to cultivate as after a single planting, the flowers will return year after year. Additionally, they do not require good quality soil or extensive care to thrive.

How to Store
The seed pods can be pickled and stored until needed and offer a delicious substitute for capers. The seeds themselves can also be dried and saved for replanting the following year.

How to Prepare
The flowers and leaves should simply be rinsed before being mixed into a salad or cooked dish or added as a lovely garnish to the plate being served. Be sure to pick the flowers and leaves as close to the time of use as possible as they wilt quickly.

Further Flavours
The nasturtium’s peppery flavour blends perfectly with that of chives, creating a combination that is excellent for use in dishes such as omelets or potato salad.