We all have personal taste, style and access to the internet.  So why hire an interior decorator when we want to update or fully redecorate our homes? 


In a nutshell, an interior decorator has the training to come into a space, assess its issues, visualize its potential and envision what others might miss. Their professional experience allows them to create a plan of action and oversee that plan to its successful completion.  


A home is a sacred space that should be a comfort, somewhere to relax and feel good and somewhere to express your own personality and style. But it can be easy to get bogged down with the details, especially when it comes to our possessions.  A decorator’s job is to make your home yours – just at its best. They can draw out and enhance your personal style from an objective vantage point which helps with editing, functionality and getting the most out of your home and out of your budget.   


A good interior decorator should actually help you save money in the long run. Decorators are able to work within a mutually determined budget, and their professional experience can also help you avoid those unfortunate (and often very costly) mistakes. Mistakes like ordering that sofa that won’t fit in the front door, fitting a kitchen drawer that won’t open because there’s another handle in the way, or choosing pretty delicate fabrics that fade and disintegrate before your eyes… Mistakes that can otherwise turn a budget inside out!  


Interior Decorators also make good product recommendations as they know what good quality is and what will last longer in harsh climates such as Bermuda’s humid environment. We find that folks who try to do it all themselves find it to be an arduous and endless hassle, full of mistakes and frustration. By contrast those who hire a designer report it to be a really enjoyable process full of creativity and fun.


Decorators have a wide and well edited resource base and can give their clients access to vendors and workrooms with good discounts on products.   Bermuda has its fabulous local shops, but not everything is here.  In fact there is a whole other home furnishings world out there with access only ‘to the trade’.   Decorators are able to give their clients access to this magical world which in turn gives access to key elements that will take your home from hum-drum to the truly special.


Finally an interior decorator should help simplify your life.   We take away the hassle of endless research, liaising with workrooms or subcontractors, and have the experience to make good decisions quickly and simply do the running around for you.   


Ultimately it is the wealth of knowledge and experience that an Interior Decorator brings to the table which is invaluable. They know about every little detail from types of lighting and how much power they require, to where outlets should be placed, to what fabrics are good in south facing rooms, to what type of furniture will fit in a space and grow with you, to color trends and the very latest in home furnishings & appliances. An Interior Decorator is pure wisdom for the home. If you want a home that not only looks good to the eye, but has fluidity and is functional, then hire an interior designer to help you achieve this. 


Sponsored story by Beth MacDonald Interior Decorating Ltd.