If it wasn’t for a hurricane, the Sea Venture might not have wrecked upon our shores and Bermuda may never have been colonized.

In the centuries since 1609, our island has been set upon by more than 180 storms. Although direct hits are rare, we’re situated in the midst of the most frequent path taken by Atlantic storms, known as Hurricane Alley.

According to the Bermuda Weather Service, we experience on average one damaging tropical cyclone every six or seven years, with smaller lesser systems affecting the island more frequently.

Despite our regular dealings with hurricanes, we tend to fair well, thanks to our strict building codes and the knowledge and wisdom passed down from the generations who came before us. We don’t need reminding though, that nature is both unpredictable and unforgiving. Ask anyone who lived through Fabian in 2003 and they will tell you that hurricanes are serious weather systems that can have fatal consequences.

This year, forecasters have predicted between 20 and 23 named storms, citing warmer waters in the Atlantic as the reason for a predictably stronger storm season. With that in mind, it’s imperative for those of us living in Bermuda to take hurricane preparedness seriously.

We, together with BF&M hope that this carefully put together Hurricane Guide will come in handy when the next storm appears on our horizon. In addition to practical information that is absolutely necessary, this guide also dives deep into how hurricane risk is measured and the future impact of stronger storms that all but seem inevitable.

Here’s everything this year’s Hurricane Guide includes:

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