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10 Things you Should Know About Bermuda’s Geology

10 facts about Bermuda's geology you probably don't already know!   1. Volcanic Formation –Bermuda Wasn’t Always Where it Lies Today The American and European tectonic plates meet at a place in the Atlantic Ocean called the mid-Atlantic ridge. Here, magma from the earth’s core constantly bubbles up and cools, forming new rock that pushes the ridge apart at as much as 4cm per year. The landmass we now call Bermuda originated from somewhere only slightly west of the mid-Atlantic…

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Bermuda’s Best Parks and Nature Reserves

Think you've been to every Bermudian park worth going to? Think again! We've created this wonderful little guide with our top park picks. Read on to find out which parks are the best of the best in our following categories.…


Bermuda Beasts: Toads

The toad (Bufo marinus) is a characteristic Bermudian species, often lit up at night by you car’s headlights. These amphibians lumber along slowly with grumpy countenance, but despite their strange appearance they can be helpful to have in the garden.…


In the Garden: Summer

Come June, the royal poinciana’s blazing blossoms signal that summer has arrived in Bermuda. A favourite deciduous tree in many a Bermudian garden ever since it first arrived in the nineteenth century, the poinciana’s leafy parasol supplies refuge from the…


Tourist in Your Own Town: Warwick Parish

Who knew there was so much do to in Warwick Parish? For both visitors to the island and locals too, there's plenty of natural splendor to be found in Warwick - here are some of our favorites.   1. Astwood…


The Best Places to Watch Glow Worms

In order to view the glowworms, you have to sync up with their mating schedule. Two nights after the full moon and 56 minutes after sunset, glow worms can be seen taking part in bioluminescent spawning events that last between…