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Bermuda Beasts: The Cahow

Endemic to Bermuda, the Cahow, or Bermuda petrel is the 2nd or 3rd rarest seabird in the world and after being thought extinct since 1620, the cahow was only rediscovered in 1951. Here are 7 facts about the Cahow you probably don't know, but should.   1. Bermuda is the only place in the world where Cahows live and specifically, Nonsuch Island its surrounding rocks is the only location in Bermuda where the birds have been found. To read more about the Cahow's miraculous rediscovery, click here. 2. Cahows mate for life and each...


4 Important Bermuda Ponds

In general, Bermudians don’t pay much attention to ponds. For many years they were believed to be wholly unimportant ecosystems, and in the early days of the island many of them were used as trash dumps, or filled in. Now, however, the importa...


6 Species Lurking In The Deep Sea Around Bermuda

While some of us don't even like the feeling of a cow polly nipping at our toes while we enjoy time overboard, we have to be thankful that these creatures live amongst Bermuda's depths.       Lanternfish Lanternfish ...


Building Bridges & Connecting the Community

Bridges aren’t built simply to join two separate pieces of land; they are built to connect the people that use them. That connection works to unite separate communities, expand boundaries and allow access to formerly inaccessible areas. With t...

Nature | Our Bermuda

Bermuda’s Best Parks and Nature Reserves

Think you've been to every Bermudian park worth going to? Think again! We've created this wonderful little guide with our top park picks. Read on to find out which parks are the best of the best in our following categories.   Native F...


Bermuda Beasts: Barracuda

Probably a fish you'd hope to avoid when snorkeling or SCUBA diving, the barracuda has a reputation for being a bit of a stalker and thanks to their predator status and reputation for liking shiny things, the barracuda can be intimidating. But t...