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Bermuda Beasts: The Centipede

Feared worse than any other creature, big or small in Bermuda is the dreaded centipede. Large and venomous, just the thought of a centipede is enough to unnerve even the strongest of humans. Once thought to only inhabit St. David’s, the centipede has successfully made its way West, striking fear in all who inhabit Bermuda's shores.   1. One way to deter them, because they have no problem entering homes, is to have toads nearby, especially females ones. But there are fewer toads in Bermuda now than in the past. They typically e...


Bermuda Beasts: Hawksbill Turtle

Only two species of turtle occur regularly in Bermuda, the green turtle and the hawksbill. While green turtles can be commonly spotted inshore, coming up for breath as they graze their sea grass patches, hawksbills are found in deeper-water offs...


Governor Laffan’s Fern

Jennifer Davidson’s beautiful painting of Bermuda’s endemic Governor Laffan’s fern (Diplazium laffanianum) was included in an exhibition entitled “Botanical Art Worldwide: Flora of Bermuda,” held by the Bermuda Society of Arts at City ...

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The Land Crab Story: An Interview with Dr. David Wingate

Every year at the beginning of July, when Bermuda’s waters became warmer in the summer sun, a crimson migration erstwhile passed over our roads and beaches. Side-ways bumbling land crabs in their thousands used to make for the water, in some p...


Bermuda Beasts: 6 Facts About The Bermuda Cave Shrimp

Bermuda cave shrimp are small and very rarely seen. but with cave diving expertise and equipment, you may be able to see one of their small population in Crystal Caves, Green Bay Cave, Roadside Cave, and Tucker’s Town Cave. Below are six facts...


Bermuda Beasts: 7 Facts About The Portuguese Man O’ War

Where can you spot them? Anywhere on the surface of the ocean in Bermuda. If you see one, get out of the water immediately, as their tentacles can reach far further than you may think. You may also see them washed up on the beach, but be careful...