Studies show that just 5 minutes spent in nature can help to improve your mood. Here are 5 gardens worth experiencing for the sake of mental health.

1. Arboretum
In polar opposition to Palm Grove is the 22-acre property known as The Arboretum. Popular with runners and walkers, The Arboretum isn’t landscaped or manicured like Palm Grove but it is generally maintained by the Parks Department. Don’t expect to see formal gardens of any kind at The Arboretum as its spaces are either open (and great for a game of frisbee) or densely wooded and great for birdwatching.

2. Botanical Gardens
A favourite among children is the Botanical Gardens located at South Road in Devonshire. Simply put, the Botanical Gardens has it all: formal gardens, open fields, a lily pond, a (now dormant) aviary and rolling hills for children to play on. Located on the property is the Masterworks Museum of Art which is also worth exploring if you have the time.

3. Fort Hamilton
A former British Garrison, Fort Hamilton’s original structure is in good condition and you’ll have to enter inside if you wish to access the fort’s moat. The moat is boasting with lush vegetation and it’s path winds in an out of clusters of bamboo and other varieties of trees and shrubs. Visitors can explore Fort Hamilton between 8:00 a.m. and sunset every day of the year.

4. Somers Garden
In the heart of St. George’s, is Somers Gardens, named for Sir George Somers himself and where Sir George’s heart is buried. Sir George Somers had so fallen in love with the island on his way to deliver provisions to the New World, that it was his wish to be buried here. When he fell ill and died, his Nephew buried the sailor’s tender heart here, but transported his body back to England where it was buried in a church grave. Somers gardens is open every day and admission is free.