Edible flowers add a beautiful aesthetic to any meal that makes them instantly Instagram worthy.  

1. Nasturtium
Both the leaves and petals of the nasturtium plant are packed with nutrition, containing high levels of vitamin C. This peppery flavour is perfect when paired with vinaigrette dressed salads.

2. Rose
All roses are edible, but the bud is the most flavourful. Pick rose petals when they’re young for the best depth of flavor. They are most frequently used when they have been crystallised, a method of painting in sugar and leaving to dry. Keep these sugary petals in an airtight container and whip them out for cake decorating or drink garnishes whenever you want to add extra pizzazz.

3. Goldenrod
These bright yellow perennials can add sunshine to any dish as a garnish. They also have antiseptic and diaphoretic properties, steep in hot water, and make a herbal goldenrod tea to cleanse your system.

4. Scented geraniums
The leaves and flowers of scented geraniums are edible with the flowers having a milder taste. Geraniums are not only decorative, their leaves hold essential oils making them aromatics as well. They have many varieties so you might get a zesty lemon aroma or something mintier. However, they will always make a delicious addition to homemade lemonade or vinaigrette.

5. Amaranth
The Love Lies Bleeding variety is commonly found across Bermuda. The seeds are the primary edible element of the Amaranth which can be eaten like a grain. NYT Cooking recommends a great Amaranth porridge. The leaves can also be harvested and used in salads or boiled fresh side. Flavour and nutrient wise, they are closest to spinach.

6. Hibiscus
These flowers have a cranberry-like flavour with tropical notes. They are perfect for tea or infused into other cold drinks and found all over the island. Why not add chopped hibiscus flowers to salads and desserts to create a tangy zing? Alternatively, as the winter months roll in simmering hibiscus with sugar to create a fruity simple syrup is a great addition to a cocktail by the fire.

7. Rosemary flowers
Cascades of rosemary are commonplace and the herb is widely used, but not many people explore the opportunity to use their tiny, purple flowers. The blossoms are best eaten fresh and have a mild, delicate flavour. They add the perfect freckling of color to any plate and will not disturb the overall palate of the dish.

8. Honeysuckle
Just a small handful of honeysuckle will guarantee you sweet honeyed flavour. Honeysuckle-infused water can be used to make refreshing sorbets, cordials or conserves. This too can be created into a syrup and used in cocktails. Remember to save some of the flowers for garnish and impress the most ambivalent guests.

Please note: Only consume flowers from your own garden that you are sure haven’t been sprayed with harmful chemicals or pesticides.