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How To Become PADI Certified On Island

This summer is the perfect time to experience Bermuda’s beautiful underwater world. More abundant, colorful, and bursting with life than on land, our coral reefs are some of the healthiest that remain in the world. It’s possible to boat, swim, or snorkel in our pristine waters, but you won’t get the full experience unless you dive. Diving is an expensive sport, with a full, safety certified kit of your own possibly costing hundreds of dollars. In addition, buying a reliable…


6 Creepy Crawlies Scarier Than A Cockroach

Tail-Less Whip Scorpion You may know these creatures from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005), directed by Mike Newell, when in the film Mad Eye Moody demonstrates a curse on an unfortunate specimen, to the horror of arachnophobe…


Bermuda Beasts: 7 Facts About Lionfish

Where might you meet them? Throughout Bermuda's waters, from shallow reefs, to up to 300m below the surface. Lionfish are native to the Indian and Pacific Oceans, and are often kept as aquarium pets. Lionfish were introduced to the Atlantic…


Beleaguered Oceans, Fragile Seas

Dawn breathed a translucent light across the Bay of Fundy. It was the kind of light that had captured the imagination of America's renowned mid-nineteenth-century marine painter Fitz Henry Lane whose depictions of ships, bays and harbours were set within…


All Ablaze

Travelling around beautiful Bermuda in the summer months is made all the more stunning by the flowering of our royal poinciana trees. In full bloom in June and July, the sight of these trees ablaze in red can be breathtaking.…


Mysteries of the Sargasso Sea

Bermuda is the only land mass located inside the vast Sargasso Sea. Named for its abundance of Sargasso seaweed, which provides a habitat for small marine animals in the vast, clear blue, deep ocean desert, the Sargasso Sea is a…