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Naturally Speaking


When I was a small child, I grew marigolds of the calendula officinalis variety. I didn’t know which species I was growing. I just planted the seeds my mother gave me in my own bit of garden and was delighted when most turned into healthy plants with showy, golden flowers. I have to confess that once I came to Bermuda and started gardening again, I didn’t have much time for marigolds. I thought them stiff, brash and boring. But once when Mike and I were at the plant nursery, he was seduced by the prospect of a yellow, orange and ...


Ocean Adventures and Family Togetherness Inspire the Marquardt's Paget Home

Ocean-inspired and beautifully Bermudian is the theme of the Marquardt family home in Paget. Alan and Ruth and their two college-aged daughters, Brittany and Chelsea, not only enjoy the relaxed and serene atmosphere their home exudes, they love ...

Naturally Speaking


Many years ago, long before I became acquainted with Bermuda’s glorious aquatic colours, I bought a piece of cloth to make myself a winter dress. When I took it home, my mother and grandmother showed instant disapproval. The material was a ...


Labour of Love

Steeped in seafaring history, an 1870s warehouse in St. George’s is lovingly restored by husband-and-wife team and Ocean Sails business partners Steve and Suzanne Hollis   A visit to the town of St. George’s never fails to instill...


Admiralty House Park

With sweeping views from Dockyard to St. George’s and remnants 
of a colonial navel history still evident, Admiralty House Park  is both busy and beautiful community parkland. Today, Admiralty House Park is a tranquil expanse of hill...


Hot Fun in the Summer: Best Bermuda Barbecuing

When it's too hot to cook indoors so summer time in Bermuda means BBQ time, picnics and dinner under the stars. Here is our pick of the best Bermuda arbequeing. Enjoy!   Cedar-Planked Salmon - Serves 6 3 ½ - 4 lb whole s...