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Modern Victory Gardens or Square-Foot Gardening

Square-foot gardening was popularized by Mel Bartholomew in the 1980s as a different approach to organizing and developing sustainable food-production processes for individuals. Based on a four-foot-square plot of arable land, the garden was sectioned into individual square-foot areas, 16 in all, and an array of different vegetables was planted in each square. His single four-foot-square garden required only one hour per week of tending after initial planting, and it yielded terrific results. (more…)


The Perfect Picnic

Summer in Bermuda is all about enjoying the outdoors, our beautiful beaches and getting on the water as often as possible. So whether you are planning a day of boating at the dinghy races, a South Shore gathering with the family…

Naturally Speaking


Tourists coming to Bermuda from Europe love kiskadees. I think it’s because they are so easy to see, but they don’t look as if they are. I remember clearly when I saw my first kiskadee. I was on holiday in…


Great Gift Idea: Portable Herb Garden

Get crafty and construct this portable herb garden, which includes fresh mint, thyme, parsley, basil, chives and other herbs. To make, plant herbs in a wooden wine crate using organic soil. Make sure to tell the recipient to put the…


Cooking and Growing Fresh Mint

There is no better time than spring to freshen up with mint. Also known as menthe, mint is considered a super plant because it supports a healthy digestive system; by activating the salivary glands, it helps the body to begin…

Naturally Speaking

Salty Air

It's a funny thing, but I rarely smell salty air in Bermuda. I associate that smell with the coasts of Scotland or Maine where the climate is so much colder most of the year. However, the other day when I…