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Many years ago, long before I became acquainted with Bermuda’s glorious aquatic colours, I bought a piece of cloth to make myself a winter dress. When I took it home, my mother and grandmother showed instant disapproval. The material was a close weave of blue and green, giving an overall effect of turquoise. “Ah,” they said sadly, “blue and green should never be seen.” They were not alone in their opinion—it seemed to be a fashion truism. But I was…


Labour of Love

Steeped in seafaring history, an 1870s warehouse in St. George’s is lovingly restored by husband-and-wife team and Ocean Sails business partners Steve and Suzanne Hollis   A visit to the town of St. George’s never fails to instill “sea fever.”…


Hot Fun in the Summer: Best Bermuda Barbecuing

When it's too hot to cook indoors so summer time in Bermuda means BBQ time, picnics and dinner under the stars. Here is our pick of the best Bermuda arbequeing. Enjoy!   Cedar-Planked Salmon - Serves 6 3 ½ - 4 lb…