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Naturally Speaking


Some of my most pleasurable childhood memories have to do with riversides in the U.K. Often I would spend lazy summer holiday afternoons sitting by the river Avon watching the water flow and reading a book. I always hoped for kingfishers, but I soon learned if I deliberately looked out for one, it never obliged. So I’d carry on reading my book and out of the corner of my eye see a flash of electric blue and look up in…


Springtime Celebrations in Full Swing!

Spring is clearly on the way as the weather gets warmer and sunshine comes out to play and for that, we're ready to celebrate! Here are a few fun ways to spark some springtime celebrations of your own, none without…


Get House-Proud this Holiday Season with Gifts for the Home and Garden

In just 9 days stockings will be stuffed and Christmas joy will fill the air! For last minute gifts for the house-proud friend on your holiday list, check out these great gifts, all of which can be purchased locally!  …


Christmas Tastes and Traditions: Stuart Hayward’s ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

Although Stuart Hayward wrote this poem back in 1983, it still rings true for Bermuda so we thought we'd share it with you!   ‘Twas the day after Christmas and down by the shore, Things were so quiet you could…

Naturally Speaking


When I was a small child, I grew marigolds of the calendula officinalis variety. I didn’t know which species I was growing. I just planted the seeds my mother gave me in my own bit of garden and was delighted…


Ocean Adventures and Family Togetherness Inspire the Marquardt's Paget Home

Ocean-inspired and beautifully Bermudian is the theme of the Marquardt family home in Paget. Alan and Ruth and their two college-aged daughters, Brittany and Chelsea, not only enjoy the relaxed and serene atmosphere their home exudes, they love that it…