When the Sea Venture was forced to land on Bemuda’s shores, it carried one hundred and fifty crew and settlers, and a dog. Despite storm winds buffeting the ship, all passengers made it safely to shore, including the dog. This very first Bermuda dog forged a sense of community among the settlers as they laid eyes on Bermuda, a hostile landmass untouched by humans, for the very first time. Aboard the ship, the dog would have been used for retrieving items lost overboard, or sending messages to other ships.

At present, all dog owners on island know that our furry friends aren’t allowed on any of Bermuda’s beaches in the summer months. With few open spaces, it’s sometimes difficult to find a place to take your dog on island. We’ve compiled this list of dog friendly spaces in Bermuda to help you plan your next day trip.


South Shore Park and Dunes
Dogs are allowed in all parks in Bermuda, provided they stay on their lead. The dunes on South Shore stretch from Southlands and Astwood Park, all the way to Horseshoe Bay, and provide a wonderful place to exercise your pooch. Because the walk is so long, and sand is a difficult surface to walk on for both dogs and humans, this route will tire out energetic dogs in no time. In addition, you are able to be close to the beach this summer with your dog, even if you’re not allowed on it.


Devil’s Isle
One of the only dog friendly restaurants on island, Devil’s Isle is a wonderful place to chill out with your furry best friend, for a quick coffee or a lavish meal. With a philosophy we love, which puts fresh produce at the forefront to creating delicious dishes, Devil’s Isle has an atmosphere as wholesome as its food. On the shaded, wooden patio, or inside the rustic interior, you and your dog will enjoy the friendly staff and exciting menu.



Below the High Tide Line
The dogs that suffer most in the summer are the ones that love to swim. If you don’t have a private dock or beach to use, your dog ends up virtually cut off from the ocean that they so love, and which is so integral to them beating the summer heat! Luckily, the Queen’s Bottom law means that dogs cannot be prohibited from swimming. The Government of Bermuda owns the foreshore and seabed around Bermuda, from the high tide line and extending 12 nautical miles off shore, effectively making this area a public park. What this means for you is that swimming anywhere along “the Queen’s Bottom” is allowed, so long as you don’t dock or trespass on private property to get in or out of the water – basically, dogs can still swim, and can even swim in the waters near a beach, as long as they enter the water from a boat, or kayak, or public dock.


The Frog and Onion
Dogs are welcome on the patio area of this iconic Bermuda pub. Perhaps because of its status as a pub and not a restaurant, the Frog and Onion feels a soft spot for our furry friends. The large, friendly restaurant is sure to make you and Fido feel right at home, and with a huge selection of fantastic pub grub, they won’t let you go hungry either.


Higgs and Horseshoe Island
Dogs aren’t allowed out without a leash anywhere on island… but what about off island? This lovely little speck in St. Georges Harbor is seldom visited, and the perfect place to let a curious dog run free. You won’t have to be concerned about them getting into anything as the island is uninhabited, and they won’t get lost because there is only one way on or off the island for a dog; the small beach on its southern side.