Bermuda is a small island and many of us may find ourselves without any new places to explore. Worse still, even our dogs seem to be growing tired of walking the same routes and sniffing the same smells. With only 21 square miles it’s no wonder that many of us come down with “Rock Fever.” However, Bermuda’s small size doesn’t prevent the abundance of different habitats – for every mood – from wet marshes to coastal paths, and there are plenty of hidden gems that Bermuda has to offer up, on both ends of the island.

Hog Bay – Southampton
This secluded nature reserve is our own Nonsuch on the mainland, with native palmettos and cedars populating the 23-acre expanse. The reserve is made up of farmland and woodland, and even has access to the water from a shallow beach that gives way to sea grass beds. You and your dog will love the winding trails and much-needed swim to cool down half way through. This walk is perfect for active dogs, who will be tired out from the climb up the hill, down to the water, and back up again. The park’s main route is a loop that begins after walking along the edge of a farmer’s field.

Ireland Island South – Sandys 
Few people know the location and much less the colourful history of what is now a beautiful ruin. In the middle of Ireland Island South, off Craddock Road and next to The Parsonage in Sandys parish, is the remains of an abattoir. With most of their rooves missing, and vines and ferns taking over the buildings, it appears much more peaceful than it once was, and holds a mysterious charm. Be careful though, as the site is still littered with pig bones – a feature your dog will enjoy. With a large expanse of property and grounds, but no real route, this walk lets you find your own adventure and is a must for any Bermudian explorer and their canine companion. 

Ferry Reach – St. George’s
Once part of the extensive Astor estate, and still displaying the remains of the former owner’s private railway station, Ferry Reach is both a beautiful and historic walk. The route passes by a mangrove swamp, three forts from Bermuda’s military past, and a rocky bay. As it’s possible to drive and park at two places along the route, you can choose a short or long walk for you and your dog. The longer walk begins just past the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences, but you can also enter at Ferry Point Park by driving further up the road. Your dog will enjoy the coastal and woodland walk, and love a quick dip in Whalebone Bay on the way.

Bailey’s Bay – Hamilton Parish
The newly built gangways at Bailey’s Bay lets walkers travel the full expanse of the former railway trail, which can be entered across from Radnor Road in Hamilton Parish and takes you all the way through until Coney Island. This beautiful ocean-side and over-ocean walk boasts beautiful coastal views of some of the most turtle-frequented waters on the island. This walk is easily accessible for those in wheelchairs or with baby-strollers, and makes exercising your dog easy.