With summer comes the heat, not to mention the sun’s intense glare and increasingly strong UV rays. As it’s so important to stay out of Bermuda’s extreme summer climate, a proper shade solution is a must. Whether you’re looking for sun protection for your home or business, a sophisticated patio or outdoor play area, outdoor living shop Gotcha Covered has the solution. The shop offers sun protection that is far from the average patio umbrella – these custom made drop screen shades, sail shades and retractable awnings offer comfort, health and weather protection – in style.



Each one of Gotcha Covered’s shade solutions provides comfort and protection from not only the sun, but also other atmospheric conditions, such as wind, rain and cold. They can be custom made to fit any space or need and, as an added bonus, offer invaluable energy savings and increased home value. All shades offer a considerable degree of UVA and UVB protection and can be created in a wide selection of colours.



Customers have the option of choosing between three different types of shades. Awnings consist of retractable frames with fabric attached and offer considerable benefits when it comes to visual appeal and energy savings. The fabric is solution-dyed acrylic, which is fade resistant and water resistant, making the awnings well able to stand up to outdoor conditions, as well as an efficient and aesthetically pleasing way to extend the area of a deck or patio. Additionally, the retractable feature keeps maintenance to a minimum, while motorisation adds to ease of use.



Alternatively, the increasingly popular shade sails are another viable option for escaping the sun. Shade sails, which are created from tensioned HDPE fabric made of mesh, are wind resistant for speeds of up to 50 mph and provide high UVA and UVB protection. As well, shade sails offer the added convenience of not needing to be opened and closed with each use. Amazingly, the team at Gotcha Covered even uses Google Earth data to custom-make each sail shade. The data is used to create a model of exactly how the sun will hit the chosen location for the shade, therefore showing the most opportune position for the shade to be installed.



Drop screen shades, by contrast, are made from a fabric similar to PVC mesh and are a great option for blocking the sun from a vertical perspective. They can be created with a simple pulley or a more elaborate mechanical operation.



No matter which solution is best for you, any Gotcha Covered shade is sure to control the sun’s glare and make your outdoor area more enjoyable. Each custom made shade will be ready for installation between two and four weeks from the time of order. When it comes to sun protection with style, comfort, health benefits and energy efficiency, these shades have Gotcha Covered.



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