Warm your home with these beautiful DIY candleholders!

Simple casuarina berries go glitzy for the holidays, creating a sparkling candle centerpiece worthy of any table.

What you’ll need:
*  A large bunch of dried casuarina berries
*  Wax paper
*  Spray glue
*  Ultrafine red glitter (I use Martha Stewart’s)
*  Cylindrical vase about 10″ tall and 5″wide
*  Large red candle
On a large sheet of wax paper, spread out the berries in a single layer. Lightly spray the berries with spray glue and carefully sprinkle glitter. Wait for them to dry, turn the berries over and repeat. When the glittered berries are dry, put the candle in the vase and place the berries evenly around the candle.

Shimmering white votives are decorated with old buttons or costume diamante jewelry for exceptional holiday sparkle.

What you’ll need:
*  Shimmery votives
*  Embellishments like earrings or buttons
*  Duco Cement
Gather old buttons or costume jewelry like earrings or brooches. Carefully take the findings off the backs with pliers and make them as even as possible. Lay the votives on their sides and apply a spot of Duco Cement on the votive and another on the embellishment. Press the embellishment firmly to the votive and allow to dry.

This beautiful candleholder covered in natural lace fern is the perfect addition to any table centerpiece.

What you will need:
*  Large glass cylindrical vase
*  Spray-on glue
*  Lace fern
*  Large candle

*  Cut the ferns off the vine stem into single pieces.
*  Gently spray with the spray glue.
*  One by one, pressing firmly in a single layer, glue around the bottom third of the cylinder. When those have adhered, spray more glue gently on the attached ferns and gently press another layer of ferns on top, leaving tips free.
*  Repeat the layer again if you wish.
*  Center a big white candle in the middle. Surprisingly the ferns will stay green for about a month.