Need some low budget art to spruce up a room in your house? I certainly do, which is why I came up with this cool DIY project for myself, and couldn’t help sharing it with you!



What you will need:

  1. A wooden frame, sans glass and back
  2. Cotton fabric in the colour and pattern of your choice.
  3. Thumb tacks
  4. Hammer
  5. Tacky Glue
  6. Sea glass and shells (or whatever materials you choose to use)

Prep your wooden frame by cleaning it of dust or dirt.

Next, measure out your fabric by taking the size of the frame and adding 5 inches to each side. Cut out fabric and iron smooth.

Stretch fabric over your wooden frame, working on one side at a time. Push thumb tacks through the fabric and into the frame to secure. I used a hammer for this step.

Once you’ve done each side, the fabric should be tight around the frame, and you should have a canvas.

Next, draw the image your want onto your fabric. You may use a stencil or draw free-hand. Whichever image(s) you choose, remember: the bigger the better and the simpler the image, the better it will look once finished.

Start glueing your sea glass (or whichever materials you plan to use) onto the fabric. The trick is to use a lot of glue, that way you can be sure that they won’t fall off. Some ideas for materials other than sea glass are buttons, glitter, yarn, twigs, leaves, or paint.

Continue gluing your materials on to your fabric, being careful to stay within the lines of your drawing. The trick to making it look really good is layering. Start with flat pieces on the bottom and glue more peculiar pieces on top.

And here is the finished product after I had allowed it to dry overnight.