New local accessories brand Isabella Artuso has launched with a collection of Cup Match “head crowns” to show team spirit!
The new brand launched in Bermuda with their first capsule collection of maximalist “crowns” also known as “Bella Bands.” This first collection was created and inspired by Cup Match colours and provides an option for a locally-made accessory for the celebrations.
The founder and creator, Danielle Paynter, Bermuda-born fashionista, has spent the last two years inspiring residents to shop local and driving business to local stores through her online platform, The NAB App. Through this platform, Ms. Paynter has been creating engaging content showcasing a variety of locally available goods that range from fashion to furniture. By helping consumers to find items they need, while also helping retailers position their products, Ms. Paynter discovered a market for her love and passion for accessories.
This new brand, Isabella Artuso is named after her daughter and will feature maximalist accessories for the chic and extraordinary, starting with the “Bella Band.”

Isabella Artuso launched last week with a capsule collection of Cup Match inspired top-knot headbands that are all hand-made, hand-sewn, one-of-a-kind creations.
“I’ve always loved accessories and statement jewelry as a way to elevate even the simplest of outfits and make me feel “dressed up,” says Ms. Danielle Paynter. “Many women have that item they put on that makes them feel confident and put together. For me, it’s an embellished headband. With Cup Match being an iconic Bermuda event where women make an effort to dress up and represent their team, launching Isabella Artuso with a capsule collection of Cup Match themed headbands was the perfect way to introduce the brand and help women to elevate their looks for the celebrations.” 
Working with her like-minded entrepreneurial mother, Patricia Paynter, the duo has spent countless hours creating prototypes, testing fabrics, experimenting with embellishments, learning sewing techniques and gathering feedback. Danielle says, “It’s been such an incredible bonding experience and joy to work with my mom on this brand which has been created for my daughter. Three generations of women are involved with bringing this to life: my Mom is doing much of the sewing, I am focusing on the marketing and branding, and Isabella has been having fun participating in the content creation, and of course, being the namesake of the brand.”
Although the brand has launched with a strong focus on the Bermuda market, the goal is to move beyond local borders to connect with international consumers who are looking for unique brands with stories and backgrounds they can connect with. The brand is expecting to expand over time to include other unique accessories such as earrings, belts and handbags, with a maximalist feel and a local flair.
Ms. Danielle Paynter notes that, “As a woman-owned, family run business that is inspired by local culture and Bermuda’s landscape, we have an incredible opportunity to create a unique line of accessories that connects our island with the world through fashion. I am already encouraged by the response received so far to the Bella Bands and look forward to seeing how the brand continues to evolve.”
The capsule collection of the Isabella Artuso Cup Match headbands can be purchased online or in-store at Cassine located on 25 Reid Street in Hamilton. There is a limited amount that have been made for the Cup Match celebrations, however new styles are expected to be available for the Fall and Christmas holidays.
To learn more about the Isabella Artuso brand, follow @isabella_artuso on Instagram or check out the website