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The Gift of Home in a Far Away Place

For as long as I can remember, my cousin Lauren was always the brave one. She lead us on wild adventures through the trees and bushes, making up scary stories along the way about poisonous frogs and deranged neighbours. Tess and I would follow closely behind her, masking our hesitations well, wishing to be as gutsy as her. (more…)


Barbecuing is Not Just for Boys!

There’s nothing worse than experiencing the savory and aromatic smells of a barbecue that is not yours. I live by the beach where people barbecue every day and I can sniff out a hot dog on the grill better than…


Lilly Pulitzer Meets Gosling’s Dark N Stormy: A Summer Line with a Rummy Twist

  You know that saying, it’s five o’clock somewhere? Those who use that excuse often are either alcoholics or Bermudians. The drinking habits of those of us who live in Bermuda are not only legendary but emulated by those abroad;…