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Well Suited: Melissa Leach Launches Protective Swim Line

When former model and fashion industry veteran, Melissa Leach, developed melanoma in her late 20s she struggled to find a way to protect herself from the sun whilst also maintaining her discerning style. Twelve years on, she has established her…


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Brand-new to, our online store boasts a variety of Bermuda-inspired and locally-made items, including our own Fish Sandwich Totes, Vintage Cover Posters and special edition magazines, all of which are only sold via our online store. Also available for…


Bermuda Items You Can Buy on Etsy Right Now

Who doesn't love to root around for Bermuda-themed items available for sale? In the days gone by, one was limited to auctions, estate sales, flee markets and yard sales if they wanted to introduce new items into their personal inventory…

STYLE by Rachel

Style by Rachel: Mother’s Day

This Sunday we honour Mothers! These amazing women have brought life into this world, raised said life while taking care of themselves (and others), and really deserve this day to enjoy however they see fit! Mothers, may you have the…


5 Vintage Bermuda Bags You Need to Own

At one time, not so long ago, Bermuda bags were the height of accessory sophistication. Not only were they appropriate to carry in most social situations but you could purchase different patterned and colored covers for them, which meant that…