With February coming to an end, it’s safe to say that most of us are fighting a small case of the winter blues. While we aren’t welcomed by a foot of snow at our doorstep in the morning, sometimes a vacation is just needed. Yes, even from Bermuda. Whether you’re planning a beach getaway, city escape or a weekend in the mountains, we’ve got the must-have items you need to pack for your trip! 

SOMEWHERE WARMER! Make a statement at the beach with retro sunnies, stylish swimwear and accessories that pop. 


1. Sunglasses



Beach Essential: Rayban ‘Round Metal’ Sunglasses, $250
Found at: The Sunglass Shop, 13 Reid Street, Hamilton

2. Swim Shorts

Beach Essential: ‘Foster Print 2.0’ Swim Shorts for Men, $139
Found at: TABS, 12 Reid Street, Hamilton 

3. Beach Bag

Beach Essential: Yellow Stripe Lolobag, $50
Found at: Perry Footwear, 2 Reid Street, Hamilton

4. Swimsuit

Beach Essential: For Love & Lemons Swim, Tulipe Criss Cross One Piece, $148
Found at: Resort Store, Hamilton Princess, 76 Pitts Bay Road

5. Sunscreen 

Beach Essential: Bare Naked SPF 30, $19.95
Found at: The Phoenix Centre, 3 Reid Street, Hamilton 

SOMEWHERE COLDER! Whether you’re heading to the big city or to the mountains for some skiing and hot cocoa, you don’t have to choose warmth over style. Cozy up in these winter essentials!


1. Sweater

Cozy up in: Endless Rose Ivory Sweater, $92
Found at: Urban Cottage, 11 Front Street, Somers Building, Hamilton

2. Winter Vest

Cozy up in: Helly Hansen Paramount Vest, $138
Found at: A. S. Cooper Man, 26 Front Street, Hamilton 

3. Hat 

Cozy up in: Rag & Bone Hat, $196  
Found at: Atelerie Boutique, 9 Reid Street, Hamilton 

4. Scarf 

Cozy up in: Shihreen Scarf, $69.95 
Found at: Calypso, 45 Front Street, Bermuda

5. Moisturizer 

Travel Essential: L’Occitane En Provence, Soft Hands Trio, $32 
Found at: Gibbons Company, 21 Reid Street, Hamilton