Bermuda Shorts

How could any Bermudian survive without a pair of classic shorts they can wear in both casual and professional settings? Pair with knee high socks of a complimentary colour to complete the look. The best place to find a suitable pair of Bermuda shorts is at TABS – the Reid Street store has won many a Best of Bermuda Award for their spectacular array of colors and sizes suitable for both men and women.


A Cup Match Outfit

Cup Match is not just a spectator sport, nor simply a summer holiday in Bermuda, it is a prime opportunity to show off one’s daring fashion sense and style IQ. For the best in Cup Match style, check out Atelerie, Jazzy’s Boutique, A.S. Cooper’s, Modblu and Makin’ Waves.


A BeachFest Hat

Every summertime merrymaker needs a larger-than-anything-else sunhat to survive the Bermuda sunshine, whether they plan on going to BeachFest or not. A wide brimmed, straw hat equipped with a convenient drawstring is a must for summer adventuring. Check out Makin’ Waves for the best in summer straw hats.


A Goslings Flag

Almost every Bermudian has gone to an event sponsored in some part by Gosling’s Rum, and you’re bound to have a Gosling’s flag, too. Why not rig it up to your house or boat, or give it to a university-aged child for their dorm room wall. Pick up a Gosling’s flag from Gosling’s Ltd. on Front Street and show off your Bermudian pride.


A Bermuda Hoodie, Lilly Pulitzer Bag, or Vinyard Vines item

Whether at-home or abroad, there’s simply no better way to showcase your patriotism than with Bermuda-themed or inspired clothing or accessories. Flying Colors have an assortment of gear adorned with Bermuda’s coordinates, as does A.S. Cooper’s and Atelerie. For Bermuda-themed shoes and accessories, look no further than LUSSO, who often team up with Lilly Pulitzer, Jack Rogers and Emilio Pucci on limited-edition special designs. For gents, ties adorned with tree frogs and whales can be found at Vineyard Vines and The Island Shop.



Where would we be without our trusty pair of flip-flops, especially during the warmer months of the year? Get a selection of colours and styles to suit any outfit and event.


Foul Weather Gear

Helly Hansen has become synonymous with wintertime in Bermuda. Who wants to be caught in the rain on a ride home wearing a trash bag for protection when one can be kitted out in a fancy ganzy of waterproof threads? “No one” would be the correct answer to that question. For the latest, greatest and most stylish of foul weather gear, look no further than A.S. Cooper’s MAN on Front Street.


A Charity Shirt

This is one you can’t shop for! There are dozens of Bermuda charity shirts that are instantly recognizable and are worn with pride. Simply take part in charity events, such as Zoom Around the Sound, or Bermuda Cancer and Health Center walks. For a full list of charity events, take a look at the Center on Philanthropy’s website.


A Bermuda Bag

Perhaps not so popular with the younger generations of today, the Bermuda Bag was the “it” accessory in years gone by. These wardrobe staples were so trendy that girls had them in a variety of colors and handle-lengths and even had them monogrammed. The beauty of the Bermuda Bag was the removable covers which could be replaced with different colours to match different outfits and the wooden handles, sometimes made of Bermuda cedar. Wow your friends at a ladies’ lunch and dazzle crowds in town while you do errands with a vintage Bermuda Bag, available on Etsy or with a brand-new one available at The Island Shop.