If the bike is your main mode of transportation you know how awful it is to be caught unprepared. With the weather shifting towards wetter, colder days, make sure you’re ready and keep these five items in your bike seat.






1.    Rain suit
This one is self-explanatory but a good rain suit is absolutely necessary if you plan on traveling by bike this fall and winter. While a heavier-weight raincoat certainly makes sense as the weather cools down, consider buying a lighter weight waterproof shell in a slightly bigger size that can fit over your winter jacket and will fit in your seat so you never forget it. This way you can use your rain suit year-round, even when it starts getting hot again!
Island Trading has the largest selection of rain suits island-wide with gear to suit all ages and budgets.



2.    Nail Polish
I know, not everyone wants to be caught with nail polish in his bike seat but bear with me. Scrapes and scratches are inevitable, whether it’s another bike parking too close in Hamilton or the wind has blown your blade off the stand in the driveway, you need to protect the exposed metal from Bermuda’s salty air. Stop the oxidation process of rusting and protect your bike from completely disintegrating over time by applying a coat of nail polish as a temporary sealant. Clear polish works just fine but with the thousands of nail polish colours out there, you’re guaranteed to find one that matches your bike paint and can hide those scratches as well as protect them.
Available at pharmacies island-wide from around $5.



3.    Chamois Towel
For those times when a passing squall has gotten your bike seat wet, chamois cloths are super absorbent, dry quickly and store easily in your bike seat. They’re also great for cleaning up any spills you may have made before the ants get to it.
Packs of 3 microfiber towels are available at RUBiS gas stations island-wide for $7.75.




4.    Glass Wipes
Your visor gets dirtier by the day but you don’t notice it until the helmet is actually on your head and the road ahead of you is obstructed by an accumulation of smudges. Somewhat similar to a chamois cloth, Windex wipes are great for those moments when a cleaning opportunity strikes but you’re not at home to get the appropriate supplies. Wipe off your visor, the bike mirrors and the dashboard when you first notice them getting dirty to prevent foggy helmet and rear-view vision.
Armor All Glass wipes are available at gas stations island-wide for $10.50. Put some in a plastic baggie for easy bike seat storage!




 5.    Reusable Grocery Bag
Again, self-explanatory but absolutely necessary year-round. Since recycling paper and plastic in Bermuda is still a thing of the future it’s so important that we reduce our use of these materials and figure out ways to reuse what papers and plastics we absolutely must buy. Cut disposable bags out of your life (and out of landfills) and pick up a reusable grocery bag. You’ll never have to worry about another grocery bag breaking and your long-term positive impact on Bermuda’s beautiful ecosystem is immeasurable.

You can purchase reusable shopping bags at grocery stores island-wide for about $2.




 These 5 items should fit easily in your bike seat with room to spare for your helmet. Drive carefully!