We at The Bermudian¬†never tire of vintage Bermuda items – perhaps that’s because¬†The Bermudian magazine has been around since 1930 and we’re constantly looking back on past issues for glimpses into what Bermuda was like way back when. If you don’t happen to have an archive of 87-years-worth of magazines at your disposal, it’s simple enough to take a trip down memory lane by viewing and purchasing Bermuda items on Etsy. Here are our 5 favourites right now.


Colorful 40’s Irish Linen Tea Towel Made For The “BERMUDA RAILWAY CO” – $25.00


Milton Bradley Bermuda Triangle Board Game – $24.00



Sloop, Bermuda by Homer – $12.00



Vintage Hot Pink Bermuda Jacket – $14.40



The Bermuda Maritime Museum Quarterly Magazine – $7.00