Everyone who has ever lived in Bermuda or visited our shores knows about Trimingham’s. Founded in 1842 at Waterville (current home of the Bermuda National Trust) Trimingham’s grew to be Bermuda’s largest department store and long-held its place on Bermuda’s famous Front Street. Trimingham’s closed in July 2005 and while locals and visitors alike miss the store greatly, one can continue to find vintage Trimingham’s items on eBay and Etsy.


Vintage Trimingham’s Bermuda Natural Feather Bird Pin  – $20.00


Vintage Trimingham’s Bermuda Tie – $16.95



Cats Meow Bermuda Trimingham Brothers Figurines – $19.00


Trimingham’s Bermuda Clutch Bag (ivory cotton with cedar handles) – $26.90


1960s Novelty Embroidered Golf Cardigan – $55.00


Trimingham’s Cookie Tin – $34.00