At one time, not so long ago, Bermuda bags were the height of accessory sophistication. Not only were they appropriate to carry in most social situations but you could purchase different patterned and colored covers for them, which meant that they were versatile enough to compliment any outfit at any time of year. Factor in the Bermuda Cedar handle that adorned most Bermuda bags and you had an accessory that was both stylish and uniquely Bermudian. While Bermuda bags aren’t common like they once were, there are a variety on eBay for sale. Whether you’re invested in bolstering your private collection or you’re willing to bring Bermuda bags back into fashion, we strongly encourage you to purchase one (or more!) for yourself.

HA & E Smith Bermuda Vintage 1950s Gold Ivory Beaded Bag Purse Made in France$39.99

80s Woooden Rope Handle Purse Bermuda Bag$45.00

Vintage Trimingham’s Bermuda Handbag, Purse, Cedar Wood Handle, Flower, Boho$41.98

Vintage Bermuda Purse, Brown Corduroy with Wooden Handle

Vintage SILK Boho Style Hand Bag Purse Trimingham Bros w/ Bermuda Cedar Handle$39.99

Fassbender England for HA & E SMITH Bermuda Quilted Tapestry Handbag$74.50