Whether you live on the island currently or you used to but don’t any more, everyone needs a dose of nostalgia every once and a while. These vintage products are authentic and available for second-hand sale right now at eBay. If it’s a Trimingham’s knit sweater you’re after, or a yellow Bermuda bag, or perhaps a Calypso tote, these items are now rare to come by which makes them that much more special.

Vintage Calypso Tote Bag – $45

Vintage Bermuda Pencil and Eraser Set – $19.99

Vintage 1920s Bermuda Tourist Brochures – $24.95

Vintage Bermuda Bag in White and Yellow with Cedar Handle – $19.95

Vintage Smith’s of Bermuda Button Up Knit Cardigan – $69.97

Vintage Trimingham’s Knit Sweater – $44.87