I’m not beginning my shopping blog with a story this week, simply because I don’t have one. I didn’t go in search of anything for anyone or any occasion this week, but I did find something I think is cool.


So what is it? It is the Brink Magazine Rack, which my mom and I discovered while browsing People’s Pharmacy one evening. Piles of magazines can be hard to sort through and look rather messy, so get them off your desk or nightstand and hang them from one of these eight hanging clips. It’s super sleek, modern and an interesting concept, but would others find it as cool as I do?

It’s not just that I work at The Bermudian and have a lot of magazines to store, even though that’s true. I just simply love magazines. I spend way too much time and money each week reading everything from TIME and NEWSWEEK, to US Weekly and Vogue. To me, a magazine is the perfect combination of news, art and lifestyle information. I’m one of those weird people that rip pages out of magazines and save them as inspirations for later. Currently sitting on my bedside table is a series of tear outs including the newest Louis Vuitton ad campaign featuring Angelina Jolie.

As my boss Tina says “young people are reading more magazines than ever before” — and now, thanks to People’s Pharmacy, we have a beautiful way to show them off!

So go ahead and display your magazines proudly — I certainly will be. But remember, what you read says a lot about who you are. So if I were you, I’d keep the Playboy off the magazine rack and in your sock drawer where it belongs.

Purchase a Brink Magazine Rack from People’s Pharmacy for $19.95.