Lately, I’ve been in a home-renovation state-of-mind.


I’m not sure whether this happens to normal people but from time to time I’ll get a design itch. Not like an actual itch obviously, but rather a need for change. During those times, I’ll come home from work, drop my things in a corner chair and start ripping apart my room. I’ll change the wall colour, paint furniture, buy new curtains and in the end, my room will look brand-new and as though it emerged straight from the pages of a Pottery Barn catalogue.

Although expensive, redecorating your own space to reflect who you are is essential because we as people are ever evolving. As we change, so too should the spaces we live in.

This time, I need a change because I need a more serious workspace. I write a lot, for work obviously, but also in my spare time. Sitting in the living room or at the kitchen table trying to write while being distracted by my Mom who is running around the house, searching for crumbs to sweep up and corners of the house to vacuum, has brought me to the realization that I need a space I can work in. That is why I am redecorating.

The existing style of my room is laid back and beachy. Blues, greens and plenty of conch shells and starfish adorn the only square-footage of the house I have full control over. Being Bermudian, it’s impossible not to love the water and all it embodies which is why I’m choosing to stick to that design theme, but I’ll add to it and make it more sophisticated and mature.

Where in Bermuda do I find sophisticated yet laid-back ocean-themed accessories for a bedroom? Not a clue. In my haste to find something, I almost, almost gave in and shopped Pottery Barn, until I discovered an exquisite porthole mirror at Brown & Co. I had to have it! In fact, as soon as I spotted it, my vision started to expand and I noticed old lanterns, telescopes, compasses – none real of course, but perfect in their imitation and perfect for my new room!

One hundred and forty-five dollars later, I’m convinced my redecorating mission is a success and I recommend Brown & Co. to any of you looking to redecorate. Even with my regular design itch, I’m sure these pieces will keep me happy for a while. And when they don’t, they can easily be transferred to another room because classic accessories like these look good anywhere.